Friday, November 28, 2014



Live from love and not from fear,

if you live from a state of fear,

there will be struggle and chaos around you,

If you live from a space of love

there will be beauty and peace everywhere.

Love is the ultimate, even in dying  there will be less fear,

Fear feeds struggle and anger, and suffering for dear life,

Unable to comprehend the bounty of love that awaits

every living soul

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I am


….pure divine light

… pure love

… perfect the way I am

… pure creative energy

… on my own personal journey


Impromptu Joy

  1. Joy is often found in this place, unplanned, unrehearsed, unscripted. The biggest challenge is paying attention, remembering and being grateful for those very ordinary moments that are really magical ones, just because we were fully present in the moment.

Impromptu joy over the last week looked like this;

  • going  for a short drive after getting ice cream, ending up next to a big dune, leaving the car running because we were just getting out for five minutes to see if the sand is cool enough to walk on. It turned into lots of laughs while feet are burning as we were struggling to get up to the top
  • practicing phonics and while saying mmmmm, my lips were seriously being tickled by the vibration of the letter which lead to endless jokes and laughter interrupting our bedtime routine
  • G getting an unexpected gymnastic lesson from an aunt on how to land when jumping. The excitement, pride and the smile on her face said it all
  • Meeting up with a friend for coffee, connecting and sharing happening on a deep level, feeling understood.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Amazing Insights


You know what,  I am so grateful in a way for my journey with this tumor… it is really helping me to really authentically FEEL the clich├ęs such as, ‘you have to love yourself before you can love others’, and ‘you have to forgive yourself before you can forgive others’.  It’s only now at the age of 40 and through the process of this year, that I can honestly say I finally  understand these words and what they mean.  It is such a relief to truely feel this AND the best 40th gift ever.

How can one truely love life if they can’t love themselves first and forgive themselves and others?  None of us are perfect and we all live our lives and have our personal demons.

Along with these insights comes the insight into judgement…I believe it is only through loving yourself and forgiving yourself that you can honestly say you don't judge others.  Not judging doesn't mean we have to agree, it simply means we can acknowledge somebody else's viewpoints without having to take them on. If we gossip, we are judging others, without understanding or respecting their personal life journey, their difficult roads, etc. 

I watched a movie called ‘The lunchbox’ last night. It had such a meaningful quote in it for me, sometimes people catch the wrong train, but it can transport you to the right places.  Which brings another insight into the lime light – there are no wrongs or rights.  I am just so grateful that I can now after all these years love myself and see how I have been so damned hard on myself!!!…Its only taken 40 years!!!!  Let the healing begin.